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  • Facing the Bear 100

    Being Challenged In Life Is Inevitable, Being Defeated Is Optional. -Roger Crawford


    Here we go again, another year, another 100 mile race report. Ready or not …

    The Bear 100 history:

    • This was the 20th running of the race.
    • It’s a point-to-point race starting in Utah and ending in Idaho. 
    • Mix of dirty roads and technical trail. 
    • 21,000 feet of vertical gain in 100 miles.
    • Notorious for having VERY off years in weather. 
      • 2014 saw almost 12 hours of straight rain through the night with a trail of runner carnage.
      • 2016 saw tons of snow forcing the race director to cut the course in half and turning runners back home at the half mark. 
    • It was my year to test Mother Nature and that nasty Bear.

    Knowing I needed to run another 100 mile race in 2018, I teamed up with 3 friends to run something together to turn it into a fun “guys weekend”. The lunacy of another ultra adventure was afoot. A huge thanks to my amazing sponsors, Fuel 100, who have had my back through thick and thin. 

    The race filled quick, but my registration was accepted just in time. As time ticked on early in the year, one of my friends, AJ, decided to float his entry to another person and would instead come out and crew/pace rather than race (I now had a pacer and crew). Things were looking up and I was excited.

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  • Finding the Fire (Again)

    As a serious lifetime runner, I find myself in the ultimate runner’s struggle.  I can’t find a reason to get my running shoes on. I’ve tried every scheme that my extensive tool box offers.  It's odd for me because for 35+ years running has been a defining characteristic of *me.* I started running, along with my sister before being a wife and mother, before being an adult.  Through the years running was the constant.  Sure, there were times when motivation waned or life got too busy but never for very long.

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