Introducing Electro-Bites!

Welcome to the Fuel 100 family.  We are excited to introduce our new line of sports nutrition products - Electro-Bites.


Tired of fueling your miles with sticky sweet gels? How about dreading another sip of sweet drink from your water bottle? If you're an endurance athlete no doubt you've gotten to an aid station or finished a workout and grabbed the first salty food you could find. We are convinced that's your body telling you something - it needs salt!


We created Fuel 100 Electro-Bites to make a revolutionary change in how you fuel during sustained physical activity. Using potato, agave and coconut oil Electro-Bites provide a superb energy source. Electro-Bites also deliver the most important electrolytes – salt and potassium so that you don’t have to take a pill or even mix a special drink loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners. All this in one stomach friendly product.


No matter the sport, after a relatively short time your body wants something other than sugar, especially when the weather is warm and your sweat rate is high. We challenge you to listen to your taste buds and give them what they crave – Salt!


Take Electro-Bites on your next outing -Your next mile is on us.



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