Fuel100 and Joseph Gray – Going Further

Joseph Gray likes to compete and test himself on the most rugged terrain imaginable.  Going further has taken him all over the world.  Photo Source: Joseph Gray@joegeezi


Sometimes to find the road less traveled and that peak experience you have to be willing to go a little further than most.  This philosophy moves both Fuel 100 and top U.S. mountain and trail runner Joseph Gray.  Joseph is the first sponsored athlete by Fuel 100, but Joseph is used to blazing new paths and is a perfect match for the mission of Fuel 100 and its signature electrolyte and energy replacement fuel - Electro-Bites.

Joseph, 32, is from Lakewood, Wash., and graduated from Lakes High School in 2002.  After graduation, Joseph attended Oklahoma State on an athletic scholarship, making the Junior Pan-American Team as a freshman.  While at Oklahoma State, Joseph was an Academic All-American, Arthur Ashe Sports Scholar, and qualified for six national championships.  He graduated in 2008 and holds a Master’s Degree in Criminology.

Now, Joseph runs on the U.S. Mountain Running Team and competes in races all over the world.  Joseph says it is all about the joy of competition and the thrill of adventure.  Racing allows him the opportunity to explore beautiful and rugged terrain while experiencing new cultures and becoming a better global citizen.  “I always thought it was important to know what it was like to walk in others’ shoes, experiencing other cultures helps you understand other people and running is something that helps bring us together,” said Joseph.



Joseph set a new Fastest Known Time (FKT) at the quad-crushing Manitou Incline in Manitou Springs, Colo., running the 0.9-mile, 40.3 percent grade route in 17 minutes, 45 seconds.  The previous record (18:31) was set in 1998 by running legend Matt Carpenter. Photo Source: running.competitor.com


Joseph can train up to 100 miles a week and knows the importance of good nutrition on and off the trail.  He says the great thing about Electro-Bites is that they are all-natural, small, and can be easily stored and consumed on the move.  “Electro-Bites go down easy, and are a great snack if you are bonking. Gels can make you feel sick on the trail when you are hot and spent, Electro-Bites don’t do that, it is more natural, like actual food.  And with Electro-Bites you can eat the whole pack and not need a lot of water.”

Watch for Joseph in the future on some of the most challenging courses in the world as he continues to push the envelope of what is possible in mountain racing.  “I plan on doing more competitive international caliber races while also trying to broaden my perspective of cultures around the globe as I compete/travel going forward.”


Joseph has made 19 USA National Teams, and was the first African American to make the national mountain team and win the National Mountain Running Championship. Photo Source:  usmrt.blogspot.com

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