Electro-Bites Goodbye

Sadly we need to tell you that we will be pausing production of Electro-Bites  as of April 30, 2021. We will sell the remaining product for as long as we have stock.  All product will be discounted and have a “use by” date of October 31, 2021.  We say pause because we are keeping open the option of restarting at some point in the future, in fact we hope to be back to production and have new product available in early 2022. 

The longer story…

Here we are over one year since the world was turned upside down by Covid-19.  The year took its toll on Fuel 100 business.  Our ability to produce Electro-Bites was limited and losing our main form of marketing - races - made business dwindle down to almost nothing.  Because of the uncertainty of travel, races, etc. we chose to cancel our regularly scheduled production schedule leaving us with limited stock until we restart production.  

Started by a passion to serve we have run, biked, swam, hiked, skied, and snacked alongside you for 8 wonderful years and we hope to continue beyond this year. Our quest for alternative fueling led us to deliver our special product to the market.  We achieved something that so few get the opportunity to do - transform a mid-run inspiration into reality. We have been humbled by the response from athletes everywhere as we offered this new nutritional option.

Thank you to our loyal customers! It has been a true honor and pleasure to get to know so many of you and be a small part of your athletic pursuits. 

- Andrea & Michelle

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