Fall Endurance Hill Workouts September 27 2016, 0 Comments

Endurance hill workouts can get you ready for your fall races. Don’t fear the hill, Fuel100 Electro-Bites gives you the tips to train like a pro. Photo Source: telegraph.co.uk

Hill workouts are a great way to build strength and endurance for the fall running season.  For many, the thought of a strenuous hill workout can bring hesitation, but it doesn’t have to.  Follow these tips from Fuel100 and conquer endurance hill workouts – your fall races will thank you!

  • Conquer the Mind. Many runners fear endurance hill workouts, and this fear keeps them from benefiting from the great training advantage of hills.  The key to conquering the hill is to conquer your mind first.  Your legs are going to burn and your lungs are going to hurt during a hill workout, but that is okay.  Simply do the best you can and rest when you need a break.  Don’t tie your worth as a runner or emotional well-being to a hill workout (or any workout), at some point the hill will win.  Think of endurance hill workouts like any other training tool and do the best you can, and most importantly, be compassionate with yourself.   Conquer the mind and endurance hill workouts will become your training bestie.
  • Start Slow. Look for hills that have gentle slopes at first.  Start with a slow pace and increase your pace gradually.  Consider a run/walk routine when you reach your aerobic threshold, or start huffing and puffing too much for comfort.  If you are practicing for a particular race that has hills, run the course a few times before the race.  This practice will give you confidence when you encounter the hills on race day.
  • Build Endurance on Longer Hills. Once you feel comfortable on the shorter hills, look for longer hills to build endurance.  Consider hills that take a few minutes to complete and try to climb three to five minutes at a time.  Take walk breaks as need as you climb and descend the hill.  Try to add a few minutes each week until you can run 30 minutes or more.
  • Repeats for Strength. Now that you are comfortable on hills and excitedly look forward to your hill workout every week, it is time to add some incline to your life.  Look for a hill that is a little steeper and shorter than your endurance hill for hill repeats.  Start with two repeats (run up the hill with a moderate to fast pace, and then recover on the jog back down the hill) and increase the repetitions weekly.  When running a steeper hill, start off with a slow jog and gradually shorten your stride while increasing your pace.


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