Free Time At Home? Put It Into Recovery Instead of More Training Volume.

You don't need to be reminded that things are different. It's pretty inescapable at this point. Humans are really great at adapting, but we are also really anxious. And everyone is a little bit different when it comes to how we tamper that anxiety to adjust to the changing environment around us.

(If you're a TedTalk type of person, I found this most helpful. ) 

We at Fuel100 know that the snacks you bring along for training likely won't change your experience in this pandemic, but we would like to echo some of the really helpful tips out there. You know, the tips that you have heard and maybe don't feel like taking seriously? Because they aren't fun or don't necessarily indulge us in the ways that we expect to bring us comfort? Those ones.

-Try to keep being yourself. There are many obstacles holding you back from where you want to go and what you want to do. Even so, try to be who you are. This could be a great time to break a bad habit if you aren't able to procure your vice(s) and are forced to live life as a non-smoker, non-coffee drinker, non-candy eater. But deciding you will tackle 700 things you never had the energy to tackle pre-pandemic? That sounds like a recipe for let down. And I don't think anyone needs any more let down right now. 

-Consider your relationship with movement. I once made a 'rule' that I wasn't allowed to make important decisions until after a workout. Movement seems to open my brain to creative problem solving and makes every day life just a little bit rosier. Recently, I've been procrastinating my exercise, shame spiraling over it, and getting down on myself as my to-do list slowly ages and expands (like my body, probably). But such is the mindset of pre-movement Alex. If I can get myself up, out the door, and moving, everything else I need to tackle seems that much more doable. Keep moving.

-Now is not the time to exponentially increase the volume or intensity of your movement. Maybe you save 60 minutes in not commuting, 20 minutes lunching from home, 25 minutes for no kid retrievals, or 15 not hitting the dry cleaners. More time to sprint out your frustrations on the trails? Maybe not. You may have enough angst to totally Hulk out but your superhero body might have an important battle ahead and should stay at the ready. I joke on my Strava about "running from my problems" but if you take all your extra time to formulate a new punishing challenge, one completely out of your "normal" fitness scope, you are going to run down that body and immune system at a time that you should be coddling it. Opt instead for all the hands on, time consuming recovery you "didn't have time for" before. Take baths, stretch each muscles group thoroughly with all the little tools or balms or salves you've collected over the years for achey muscles. Starting tracking your water consumption if you've never paid it mind. Treat that body like it's the most precious machine you own!

Our brains and bodies aren't always on the same page and it's only exacerbated by chaotic events. Take care of yourself and when it's time for some hard racing to start up again, we will be here to help take care of your refueling.






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