Fuel100 Electrobites Supporting 2020 Wildcat Ultra - IRL!

We are pleased to share that the Wildcat Ultra is a go for September 5, 2020 in Pensacola, Florida and Electrobites will once again be available for participants! We caught up with race director, Aaron Thompson, to learn about the necessary changes and precautions put in place to ensure the event could move forward while prioritizing the health and safety of participants and volunteers.
The 2020 course is a 2.5 mile loop at the equestrian center, with the start and finish at the edge of the covered arena. Unfortunately, the event was capped at 125 which meant turning away many fit runners, desperate to salvage the 2020 race season.
There's a space about the size of a half football field for runners to set up their own tents and enough room for 50-60 cars on each side of the grass island for those who prefer to grab a few hours of shut eye between laps right in their vehicles. There's even space for RVs and a provided microwave, grill, and refrigerator!
Aid stations will look different as no one really wants grimy hands in shared snacks bowls but the Electrobites are all ready to go in individual packages!
All this to say that 2020 is throwing everyone extra hoops to jump through. But even with the added complexity and exclusivity for the 2020 Wildcat Ultra, we are ecstatic for the lucky 125 that will be testing their limits together(but distanced!) and grateful for the opportunity to Fuel participants.

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