Fuel100 Favorites To Help You Get After 2020

One of the many great things about running is that it's an activity you can do with out a ton of "stuff". In fact, some people have proven you don't even need shoes! (Whether or not you even wear clothes out there is your business). But in the winter months the freeing activity you once loved can feel more like a chore or punishment. When we're needing a pick me up - which we are in some dreary January Seattle weather - there are a few favorite running accessories that get us excited to gear up and hit the pavement or trails again!

  • The Oiselle Toolbelt Roga                                                                     

Has a bajillion pockets for holding snacks, a key, and my right Airpod. 


  • The Garmin Forerunner 735XT                                                         

Maybe you aren't interested in tracking your speed, in which case the Garmin Forerunner can still give you an accurate step count and somewhat accurate read of heart rate off of your wrist (for better accuracy, add the chest strap)! The bright colors remind me that things exist outside of greyscale, if only as running accessories.


  • Katadyn BeFree Water Filtration Bottle                                             

This is the perfect bottle to take with on long runs. You know you will need to hydrate, you don't want to bring multiple water bottles or a big vest if you can avoid it, and this allows you to confidently fill up wherever!


  • Vanilla & Chai Electrobites                                                                   

They go together like peas & carrots but taste way better! Electrobites were designed to dissolve quickly to allow for rapid digestion. They're easy to pack, easy to open, and easy to nom. Just 3 ingredients with no soy, no dairy, and no gluten. No gut bomb! Easy sports nutrition for endurance athletes that's unlike anything else!


  • How Bad Do You Want It                                                                   

A little light reading is all you need to light your fire again if you pick this one. (Have you downloaded the Libby App to check out ebooks through your library system? New Year, New Reading List. Do it)


  • Balegas                                                                                             

Anyone who says great socks don't improve your life has terrible socks and can't be trusted when it comes to footwear. Take care of yourself via your feet! They take you places all the time and honestly, they deserve better. 


  • Body Glide                                                                                         

Another Seattle company! I love the original body glide for preventing hot spots and chaffing but the cream works pretty well, also. And if you pick the tiny travel size, you may even be able to fit it in the belt of the Oiselle Roga shorts. Look at that!


  • Tiger Tail                                                                                             

Clearly we have a little PNW bias but Tiger Tails are a wonderful tool in addition to or instead of your foam roller. There are days when the thought of rolling on the ground makes me want to skip stretching altogether. But wait. You can roll out with the Tiger Tail manually while standing up and doing any number of things. My preference is pulling espresso shots but there's truly endless possibility.


    And there you have it. Eight fun Fuel favorites to explore if you're finding yourself lacking the motivation to seize 2020. If this doesn't do it for you, then go take a nap and try again tomorrow.

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