Fueling Endurance Athletes on Low-Inflammation Diets


When the founders of Fuel 100 dreamt up the crunchy sports nutrition that later became Electro-Bites, it was in an effort to provide something different than the sticky gels and chews that seem to be ubiquitous in the world of endurance sports.

The salty flavors and crunchy texture alone would have achieved this, but Electro-Bites were also made without any of the ingredients that create inflammatory responses in the body.

Anti-inflammatory diets have become popular for people managing rheumatoid arthritis or a smattering of auto-immune disorders including Lupus, Hashimoto’s, Celiac disease, Crohn’s, or Multiple Sclerosis. Responses to these auto-immune disorders can range from skin breakouts and itchiness to intense gastrointestinal distress or swollen joints. Common dietary adjustments like the AIP (autoimmune protocol diet)  generally leave out grain, legumes, processed foods, refined sugars, industrial seeds, eggs, nightshade vegetables, gum, emulsifiers and thickeners where others go straight to a plant-based diet which avoids all animal products like meat, eggs, and dairy. 

While Electro-Bites are inline with the guidelines of these low-inflammation diets (no animal products, no soy, no gluten, no dairy, no refined sugars), they are made with coconut oil, making them not entirely allergen-free for those with tree nut allergies. But with only two more core ingredients (potato starch and agave nectar) they are a simple and safe option for athletes navigating restrictive diets to manage autoimmune response. And with only 2g of sugar in each serving, Electro-Bites are also a great way to get glycogen to your muscles without a huge sugar and insulin spike, especially for lower-sugar or ketogenic athletes.

So tuck away a few pouches in your gym bag, glove compartment, desk drawer, and drop bag. With Electro-Bites, you can refuel while avoiding the foods that trigger gut bomb!

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