Mick's Rugged Run

Mick's Rugged Run at Superior 100


Ambassador Mick Jurynec's report from the 2017 Superior 100 in Northern Minnesota.  Things didn't go as well as expected but he persevered until the end on grit and great support from his family and crew.


2017 Superior 100 


Me and the crew boss. Photo - Jen Jurynec


Me: Any sections that are particularly difficult? Dan: No. It’s just relentless.

That was the abbreviated version of a text conversation I had a few weeks before the race with a friend who lives in MN and has run Superior. Not surprising given the motto of the race is ‘Rugged, Relentless and Remote’. More on this later, but needless to say it’s a spot on description of the race.

The photo below sums up my race day. Yes, it was indeed Rugged and Relentless! 

The finish. Photo- Jen Jurynec


The Superior 100 has been on my short list of races to run ever since I finished my first 100 (Wasatch) in 2010. Superior is often on the same weekend as Wasatch and a few weeks before the Bear, so it has always eluded my schedule.  It’s one of the original 100 mile trail races and sports some 21,000 feet of elevation gain almost entirely on single track. Check out photos here!

I purposely didn't race too much this summer so I wouldn't have a lot of post-race recovery time. I ran the Antelope Island 50k in March, Squaw Peak 50 mile in June, and the Mid Mountain Marathon in August. I had a really good time training through the spring and summer, getting quality workouts and long runs in. I knew that even with 21, 000 feet of elevation gain that there was going to be a lot of runnable terrain so the last few months I focused on sustained running workouts. I stayed healthy and by August I was mentally and physically ready for Superior.

Race day started out sunny and cool, but that quickly changed to warm and humid (at least for what I’m used to) as the sun got higher in the sky. I knew from reading about the course that there was going to be a lot of water and mud, but for the first 20 or so miles I was constantly stepping in sloppy mud puddles. I was soaked from sweat, mud, and water! Despite the humidity and wet feet, I rolled into the second aid station where I saw my crew (Jen, Mara, my dad, and Kirk) for the first time feeling completely at ease and in a great mood.

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