• Finding the Fire (Again)

    As a serious lifetime runner, I find myself in the ultimate runner’s struggle.  I can’t find a reason to get my running shoes on. I’ve tried every scheme that my extensive tool box offers.  It's odd for me because for 35+ years running has been a defining characteristic of *me.* I started running, along with my sister before being a wife and mother, before being an adult.  Through the years running was the constant.  Sure, there were times when motivation waned or life got too busy but never for very long.

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  • Michelle's Tahoe 200 Race Report

    The Tahoe 200 started September 5, 2014 and was the first ever 200 mile single loop course in the United States. Circumnavigating the varied terrain around the astoundingly beautiful Lake Tahoe it also had 40,000 feet vertical gain. Runners would have 100 hours to complete the course.

    So many variables can impact an ultra and they are exponential as the mileage increases. I planned my dropped bags meticulously, brought the best crew (sister and husband), employed my expert knowledge in hydration and nutrition management, and approached the race with an “I will finish” attitude.

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