The Fall of F8

Maggie Guterl's 2016 WS100 race report

BURN THE BOATS...But Not While You Are Still In Them: A Tale of Western States Failure

Wow! That's a long title but it was a long race too!

All pics by the talented, young-gun, Anthony Stasulli 

The hazy post Western States fog has dissipated and I have come to terms (or rather reality has just set in) with my epic disaster of a race that was my 2017 Western States Endurance Run. I have pondered and pontificated and I know what I did wrong leading up to it and during the first third of the race.  I am not going to go on and on about all that in this blog. All the stresses of life, pre-race chaos and race nutrition mistakes are usually something that can be overcome or sometimes, as I have discovered, it is just the perfect storm.

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