• How Riders Eat on Grand Tour of Cycling

    Endurance nutrition is a science; learn what it takes to perform at the highest levels of the cycling world. Photo Source: npr.org

    Fuel 100 is all about giving you what you need to succeed in whatever endurance race or training you choose.  Because of our passion for all things endurance, we thought it would be fun to see what a day in the nutritional life of some of the most extreme endurance athletes might look like.  We will use the Tour de France as the endurance nutrition laboratory for a closer look inside the life of a world-class cyclist.

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  • Sitting All Day is Killing You

    Sitting all day is killing you. Take back your life and improve your health by taking a few minutes during your day to move. Photo Source: losefatbellydiet.blogspot.com

    There is a library full of empirical research showing the detrimental effects of sitting all day. We sit all day at work and school, we spend hours in front of the TV, and many of us spend hours on their screens playing video games or texting.  Our sedentary habits are accentuating old injuries and creating dangerous new health problems.  The solution?  Get moving!

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  • Alpine Climbing Nutrition

    Alpine climbing nutrition can be a problem in the extremes encountered in thin air. Read how to power your next summit push with Fuel100. Photo Source: mountain-equipment.co.uk

    Alpine climbing nutrition can pose one of the biggest challenges for mountaineers.  Research has shown that climbing at altitude can burn 6000 calories per day.  When alpine climbing, the body must battle the steep elevation, thin air, and cold – all while carrying heavy loads. However, food intake by alpine climbers at altitude has been shown to fall by 10-50% depending on the speed of ascent, the individual’s tolerance, and conditioning.  Climbers must also struggle with bulky clothing and the likelihood that the exertion and altitude can greatly reduce the desire to eat.  Alpine climbing nutrition is particularly important because, unlike many other endurance sports, the alpine climber must get themselves down the mountain.  Rescue on a big mountain can be dangerous and take days, especially in bad weather.

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  • Fueling for Endurance Cycling

    Endurance cycling requires training and practicing your race-day routine, don’t forget to test and practice your fueling strategy as well. Photo Source: active.com

    You know your training distances and splits.  Your calendar outlines your training days and rest days.  Now that your endurance cycling race is just around the corner, have you practiced your fueling strategy?  You should.

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  • Superfood Seeds – Nutrition for Athletes

    Superfood seeds can power your workout and recovery. Try adding these seeds to your diet and get a natural boost. Photo Source: naturalbalancefoods.co.uk

    We are all looking for that training edge.  The fuels that power our workout and race are a good place to look for that edge.  Superfood seeds can be one way to maximize the nutritional value of your training diet.  Consider adding these seeds to your current nutritional plan, these superfood seeds will help combat free radicals and promote post workout recovery.

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  • USATF Mountain Running Championships – Fuel 100 Athletes Setting the Pace

    Joseph Gray running a tune-up race in preparation for the USATF Mountain Running Championships that will be held July 3, 2016 at the Loon Mountain Resort in Lincoln, New Hampshire.


    The USATF Mountain Running Championships will be held July 3, 2016 at the Loon Mountain Resort in Lincoln, New Hampshire.  Join Fuel 100 Electro-Bites in supporting our sponsored athletes Joe Gray and Nancy Hobbs as they test their metal against the best runners in the country on one of the toughest courses in the world.

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  • Build Endurance for Your Summer

    Summer is here and you will want to get outside and enjoy the weather and comradery of friends and family.  The only problem is that winter and a hectic work schedule has reduced your fitness level.  Not to fear, build endurance needed for your summer adventures with these fitness tips.

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  • "You Can Always Quit Later"

    "You Can Always Quit Later" - 24 Hrs of Palmer Lake Fun Whether you use them as a supported training run or to set new distance goals, timed races ...
  • Fuel100 and Joseph Gray – Going Further

    Sometimes to find the road less traveled and that peak experience you have to be willing to go a little further than most.  This philosophy moves both Fuel 100 and top U.S. mountain and trail runner Joseph Gray.  Joseph is the first sponsored athlete by Fuel 100, but Joseph is used to blazing new paths and is a perfect match for the mission of Fuel 100 and its signature electrolyte and energy replacement fuel - Electro-Bites.

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  • Running into Late Middle Age

    More and more, people are staying active later into life and there are many beneficial health reasons for continuing to hit the trail.  A Stanford University study suggests that running seniors experience heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, some cancers, and neurological ailments 16 years later than their non-running counterparts. As a group, older runners experience better mobility, coordination, weight control, bone density, muscle strength, and psychological well-being.  This is a great trend, but poses some challenges when modifying diet and training to match how the body is changing with age.  First, as an older athlete, you have to fuel your body differently from when you were young.  Next, pay more attention to how you train, and more importantly, how you rest.  Consider these five tips as you run your way into a healthy middle age.

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  • Don't Bonk on Your Next Climb

    Finding the right nutrition for athletes that climb can provide a challenge to find the right energy in the right size with the right weight.

    Research out of the Human Performance Lab at Ball State University showed that nutritional supplementation during exercise can improve endurance performance. But climbing is unique in both physiology and replenishing lost energy.  Weight, packaging, and the ease of consuming the nutrients are all important considerations when selecting the right supplement to keep you on the wall.

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  • Nutrition for Athletes - What not to Eat

    As an athlete you know that your body is a machine that allows you to compete and enjoy your sport.  You also know that nutrition for athletes is as much about what you don’t eat as what you do eat.  Your body will only perform at optimal levels when fueled with nutritional organic foods.  Avoid these common nutritional mistakes and experience better workouts and faster recover.

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