• Build Endurance for Your Summer

    Summer is here and you will want to get outside and enjoy the weather and comradery of friends and family.  The only problem is that winter and a hectic work schedule has reduced your fitness level.  Not to fear, build endurance needed for your summer adventures with these fitness tips.

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  • "You Can Always Quit Later"

    "You Can Always Quit Later" - 24 Hrs of Palmer Lake Fun Whether you use them as a supported training run or to set new distance goals, timed races ...
  • Fuel100 and Joseph Gray – Going Further

    Sometimes to find the road less traveled and that peak experience you have to be willing to go a little further than most.  This philosophy moves both Fuel 100 and top U.S. mountain and trail runner Joseph Gray.  Joseph is the first sponsored athlete by Fuel 100, but Joseph is used to blazing new paths and is a perfect match for the mission of Fuel 100 and its signature electrolyte and energy replacement fuel - Electro-Bites.

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  • Running into Late Middle Age

    More and more, people are staying active later into life and there are many beneficial health reasons for continuing to hit the trail.  A Stanford University study suggests that running seniors experience heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, some cancers, and neurological ailments 16 years later than their non-running counterparts. As a group, older runners experience better mobility, coordination, weight control, bone density, muscle strength, and psychological well-being.  This is a great trend, but poses some challenges when modifying diet and training to match how the body is changing with age.  First, as an older athlete, you have to fuel your body differently from when you were young.  Next, pay more attention to how you train, and more importantly, how you rest.  Consider these five tips as you run your way into a healthy middle age.

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  • Don't Bonk on Your Next Climb

    Finding the right nutrition for athletes that climb can provide a challenge to find the right energy in the right size with the right weight.

    Research out of the Human Performance Lab at Ball State University showed that nutritional supplementation during exercise can improve endurance performance. But climbing is unique in both physiology and replenishing lost energy.  Weight, packaging, and the ease of consuming the nutrients are all important considerations when selecting the right supplement to keep you on the wall.

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  • Nutrition for Athletes - What not to Eat

    As an athlete you know that your body is a machine that allows you to compete and enjoy your sport.  You also know that nutrition for athletes is as much about what you don’t eat as what you do eat.  Your body will only perform at optimal levels when fueled with nutritional organic foods.  Avoid these common nutritional mistakes and experience better workouts and faster recover.

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  • 5 Things to Consider Before Running Your First Ultramarathon

    An ultramarathon is any race over the traditional distance of a regular marathon.  If you are a marathoner looking for your next challenge, 50k races (31.1 miles) are popular right now and a good place to start.  However, even for experienced marathoners, running your first ultramarathon can be an emotional and physical challenge.  You wouldn’t want to do it if it was easy – right?  However, there are some things that you can do to make your first ultramarathon easier on your body and more enjoyable for your mind.  Consider these five tips before running your first ultra.

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  • Ultra Marathons - Fun Facts & Nutrition for Athletes

    Is this the year you do your first Ultra? Photo Source: bestracesigns.wordpress.com


    Ultra-marathons are races generally longer than 30 miles and could be well over 100 miles. These races are becoming more popular as racing professionals and week-end warriors look for fun new challenges. If you are thinking about participating in one of these races in the New Year checkout these fun facts and nutrition for athletes hints to be better prepared for the challenges that await you.

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  • Nutrition's No Joke


     Challenge yourself in the New Year with these three endurance races. Photo Source: 4desert.com


    It is a New Year and you may be looking for a resolution that will increase your fitness and test your endurance while also being over-the-top fun. These three ultra-endurance races will take you to the corners of the world and test your ability to perform in extreme conditions. Participants not only conquer the environment and distances, but the nutrition for athletes in these extreme conditions is just as important as physical training.

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  • Volunteerism: An Integral Part of Ultrarunning

    Western States 100 Endurance Race (WSER) has more history and lore than arguably any other endurance trail run in the United States.  Race directors look to WSER to set the standard in lottery guidelines, aid station perfection, advertising, swag bags, press and innumerable other strategies for putting on a successful race.

    In my opinion, one the very best of WSER traditions and requirements is the mandatory service requirement.  Every year more ultra races are including service as a requirement of participation. What a runner, whether new to the sport or a  seasoned old-timer, gains from volunteering is amazing for the ultra-running culture; the trails we use, the races we love, our community, and the over-worked and oft underappreciated race directors.

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  • Michelle's Tahoe 200 Race Report

    The Tahoe 200 started September 5, 2014 and was the first ever 200 mile single loop course in the United States. Circumnavigating the varied terrain around the astoundingly beautiful Lake Tahoe it also had 40,000 feet vertical gain. Runners would have 100 hours to complete the course.

    So many variables can impact an ultra and they are exponential as the mileage increases. I planned my dropped bags meticulously, brought the best crew (sister and husband), employed my expert knowledge in hydration and nutrition management, and approached the race with an “I will finish” attitude.

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  • Miwok 100k and how to run a long Mountain Race

    A successful race does not begin on race day, you must show up at the start line well trained and uninjured. This is especially true in ultra distance events. This post is dedicated to the components of race day strategy and getting from mile 0 to mile 50. I will pull some specific details from my recent Miwok 100K race experience which might have been one of my “smartest” races in recent memory. Miwok 100K is a stout course which has 12,000 feet of vertical and is a Western States qualifier. On race day, using this 8 tip strategy, I passed approximately 148 runners over the last 40 miles of the race to finish in 12:54: 00, surpassing my goal of 13 hours.

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