Calling for Ambassadors!

Our ideal ambassadors...

  • Are a past customer or currently use Electro-Bites in their nutrition rotation! We want you to speak authentically about how Electro-Bites fuel your life. 
  • Are active and interactive on social media and/or have an active blog with an engaged audience. 
  • Are active at local races with relationships in your community. Gotta make friends before you can spread the word about Fuel100 Electro-Bites!
  • Are not shy! We actively highlight the goals & accomplishments of our ambassadors. 
  • We want a squad that's sort of like us! (Outgoing, supportive, inspiring, and fun)


What do our ambassadors do?

  • Share your training & racing experience using Electro-Bites on your blog and social media. 
  • Actively provide feedback for new flavors, formulas, etc.
  • Allow Fuel 100 to feature you & your accomplishments on our website and/or other media outlets.
  • Encourage your audience and network to try, shop, and support Fuel100 Electro-bites with your own unique code.


Benefits of being an Electro-Bite Ambassador?

  • Regular shipments of Electro-Bites for your use
  • Clothing and other promotional gear
  • Promotion for your blog and endeavors
  • Fuel100 community, of course!

Ready to apply?

Copy and paste the following, fill it out and email to ambassadors@fuel-100.com






Sport or activity of choice:

Blog or website address:

Facebook account:

Twitter account:

Instagram account:

Pinterest account:

Tell us how you share your passion for your active lifestyle with others:

What makes you a great choice for an ambassador?

Are you currently an ambassador for other brands? If so, whom?

Your 2018 race highlights:

Your 2019 race schedule: