What are Electro-Bites?

Not a gel, not a bar, not a drink - Electro-Bites are a baked product.  They were designed as an alternative to the traditional fueling products. They are easy to eat and digest and provide calories and electrolytes necessary for optimal muscle function during sustained activity. The simplest description of their taste is they taste like a salted graham cracker.


What is in Electro-Bites?

The calories are derived from coconut oil, agave syrup and potato starch which provide excellent sources of carbohydrate and fat.  There is a hint of dextrose in the dusting on the outside.


How should I use Electro-Bites?

We've found that the best way to eat them is to open the pack and pour a few in your mouth. They make your mouth water a bit so you will find that they disappear quickly and without a lot of chewing.


Do Electro-Bites replace my gels?

Yes, if you want to.  We created Electro-Bites to provide calories and electrolytes. At 100 calories per serving you can use them in place of gels or in addition to your current fueling choice.  In our research we've found that rarely does an athlete use the same product hour after hour, so go ahead and add Electro-Bites into your mix and see how you like it. There is 190mg of sodium in each serving of Electro-Bites so you may also cut down or eliminate your sports drink or other electrolyte replacement source.


Are fueling guidelines impacted when racing versus training? 

Exertion and intensity can wreak havoc on your stomach.  You should practice your nutrition plan during two key workouts: your long run and your tempo/race-pace run so you can test all your options during different effort levels.



These are delicious, can I eat them as a snack?

Of course! We have people who do shorter workouts and eat them afterward as a post workout fuel.  Also, they are a healthy alternative to chips or crackers.


Where can I purchase Electro-Bites?

Electro-Bites can be purchased on this site.  We are also available in select running stores across the United States and will continue to add stores to the list. Check out our retailer page to see if there is one near you. If you do not find Electro-Bites at your favorite store, please ask them to start stocking Fuel 100 products. 


I am not in the United States - can I purchase Electro-Bites?

Yes, we have multiple countries set up on the website.  If you are unable to complete your purchase shoot us an e-mail to orders@Electro-Bites.com and we will set up your country.  Shipping costs might be prohibitive but we are happy to try to find the most cost effective way to get a package to you.