Meet our Ambassadors

Joseph Gray

Joe is a pro runner who competes on mountains, roads and the track and he's been winning races all over the country & world since 2003. He has competed with many national teams and was the first black athlete selected to the USA National Mountain Running Team in 2008. Joe first tried Electrobites on a group run in Renton and was struck by the savory taste which stands out compared to most sports nutrition supplements. “After a few bites I realized you had hints of savory and sweet which was perfect for my training and racing”. 

Currently, his favorite flavor is Zesty Ginger and he uses Electro-bites as pre, mid, or post run fuel - depending on the task!

 To keep up with Joe’s racing and training, you can follow him on Instagram  and for a more complete list of his awards and achievements, be sure to browse his Blog


David Tatham

When asked why he signs up for the types of events he does, David's response is often something like "well it sounded like a good idea at the time". He's got an affinity for events with low finish rates or titles boasting "most difficult".
David ran track in high school (at 130lbs), peaked at 270lbs, and got back down to 180lbs where he makes it his mission to surprise people with a podium finish as the former fat guy. He lives life to the fullest, always seeking new adventure.  He has enough race experience to be able to tell you exactly what not to do and has just as many DNF as he has finished in the top ten. He runs all distances and events from 5K to 100Mi and especially enjoys ruck races with a 30lb pack. You can find him running and competing with the Colorado Obstacle Racers, in Spartan events, and in WTM where he is typically a finisher with the 70 milers.
His favorite flavor of Electrobites is Salty Vanilla and you can follow his training on Instagram at @fat2podium!


Lenny Futterman

Lenny Futterman is an elite rower with the goal of rowing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

Despite starting rowing in high school as a means to stay in shape for hockey, Lenny quickly progressed through the high school ranks winning medals at the Youth National championship and rowing at the Junior World Championships by graduation. He continued his career at Boston University setting program high finishes at the Eastern Sprints and IRA National Championships and rowing at the U-23 World Championships twice. After college, Lenny moved to DC and then Philadelphia to continue training, eventually earning a spot on the US National Team. 

 Lenny first tried Electro-bites during the East Coast Heat Wave of 2019. His favorite flavors are Salty Vanilla And Salty Chai.

"By the end of sessions that would routinely hit 100 degrees with 80+% humidity, I needed anything to retain fluids to keep my performance levels high. Electro-bites have an awesome flavor and allowed me to stay focused even during the hottest days."

You can follow Lenny's journey to qualify for the Olympics on instagram @lfutterman10  



Steph Cowen

Steph Cowen, aka “Marathon Mom” ran her first marathon in Australia at 15. She’s done another 29 marathons since then and has completed 5 ultra marathons. She lives in Evergreen, Colorado where she trains in the mountains. Being gluten free, Electro-bites are a perfect choice for fueling her runs.

“For 5k and under, I have my Electro-bites before my runs. For longer runs and races, I like to use them during, too!” 

Steph is part of many running groups in CO, (Mom’s Run this town, Golden Trail Sisters, Marathon Maniacs, I Run 4 Michael, and 261 Fearless) and helps with Girls on the Run. 

After a car accident left Steph with a broken pelvis, fractured hips, and severely injured back while she was 6 months pregnant, she was told she would likely never run again. But after giving birth to her son and going through back surgery, she started over with her training and decided running would definitely continue to be a significant part of her life.

She ran a 5:06 mile in high school, people! Oh, and 20 years later, she’s running every day. 

In 2018, she ran the Encinitas half marathon, Revel Canon City & Ragnar SoCal Ultra.

Her 2019 schedule included the Horsetooth Half Marathon, Revel Rockies full marathon, Revel Big Cottonwood, and will wrap up with the Denver Rock & Roll Full Marathon at the end of the month.

Follow along with Steph’s daily training and upcoming races on Instagram!

Welcome to the gang of Fuel 100 Ambassadors, Steph!


Aaron Saft

Aaron is a running evangelist and embodies just about every role imaginable when it comes to running in Asheville, NC. He is a running coach to adults and middle school track athletes, a race director for 5ks and ultra marathons alike, a trail maintainer and supervisor, the founding member of the North Carolina Mountain Trail Runners, and has a monthly newsletter to keep everyone in the loop of his whereabouts and the many projects he juggles. He and his wife Beth have two children, Keagan and Ambrin who make for wonderful crew help. As if that’s not enough to keep him busy, Aaron owns a Speciality Running store in Asheville and can outfit anyone for their own running adventures.

In 2018, Aaron took 1st in the Cloudland Canyons 50k, the Quest for the Crest 50k, the Uwharrie 100k, and took 2nd in the Chattanooga 100 Miler!

Follow along with Aaron and his events on his website, blog, or Facebook. 

Chuck Radford

I am your typical family man with two children (preschool and elementary school) and a full time job. Balance is the key to everything I do, prioritizing family first. I ran my first marathon in 2003 thinking the whole thing was crazy, then headed to Boston in 2004. I took a long break after the birth of my first child.

I was rejuvenated in the sport and began marathon training again for 3 years doing very well in races (2nd overall at the Colorado Marathon in 2012 in 2:42).I moved to the trails to take some of the impact off my body and decided to run my first ultra in 2013 (Leadville Silver Rush 50 Miler – 5th overall – 7:29:27). My running career has been completely different ever since, as I found passion on the trails. I ran my first 100 mile trail race in 2014 (the Leadville Trail 100 race) followed by 6 more 100 mile races culminating in my most recent 100 at the Western States Endurance Run. Full list of results can be found here

Since my 2019 Western States 100 race I’ve focused my life and running goals on balance and health.  Injury setbacks have allotted me more options to incorporate into recovery and training like Rest, Strength Training, Yoga, Range of Motion Workouts and Physical Therapy.  Diet is also a main focus, which is where quality products like “Fuel 100” fit into my daily life, training and races.


UltraRunner Podcast interview - here

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Nancy Hobbs

Nancy Hobbs

Whether training or racing Nancy can be found on mountain trails every weekend. She is a prolific racer running 30+ races every year from 5k to ultra on road and trails. Nancy is the founder and Executive Director of American Trail Running Association.

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Heather Anderson

Heather, known as Anish on trails, became the second female to complete the “Double Triple Crown of Backpacking” in 2017. This entails completing the Appalachian, Pacific Crest and Continental Divide National Scenic Trails each twice. In 2018 she simultaneously became the first female Triple Triple Crowner and the first female Calendar Year Triple Crowner when she hiked all three of those trails in one March-November season. She also holds the overall self-supported Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the Pacific Crest Trail (2013)–hiking it in 60 days, 17 hours, 12 min, which broke the previous men's record by four days and established the first female record. She also holds the female self-supported FKT on the Appalachian Trail (2015) in a time of 54 days, 7 hours, 48 minutes, and the Arizona Trail (2016) which she completed in 19 days, 17 hours, 9 minutes. 

She has hiked nearly 30,000 miles since 2003 including 13 thru-hikes. 
She is also an ultra-marathon runner and has completed six 100 mile races since August 2011 as well as dozens of 50k and 50 mile events. She has attempted the infamous Barkley Marathons four times, starting a third loop once. She is also an avid mountaineer and peakbagger working on several ascent lists in the US and abroad.

When not on an adventure Anish speaks regularly about her adventures and her first book Thirst: 2600 Miles to Home (chronicling her Pacific Crest Trail record, published by the non-profit publisher Mountaineers Books, is available everywhere books are sold as well as directly from the author: https://squareup.com/store/Anishhikes

As a professional speaker, her talks are sought after for their adventure stories, humor, and the applications of trail lessons to life off the trail.

Website: www.anishhikes.wordpress.com

Instagram: @anishhikes

Watch Heather's Ted Talk -  TEDxNapa Talk

Mick Jurynec

Having never run more than 6 miles at once before 2006 and not knowing what an ‘ultra’ was, I started running ultras in 2008 after a friend told my about a race he’d done the previous summer – a 50k in the mountains of Utah. It sounded perfect – a whole day spent playing outside in the mountains. Since then I’ve run all distances of trail races, but the 100 mile distance is my favorite. I spend most of my time running in the mountain playground surrounding Salt Lake City, but you’ll also find me climbing, backpacking, cross country skiing, running on the road, and yes, even riding a road bike up the canyons in spandex. Electro-Bites are my go to fuel for any distance race. They are a great alternative to the ubiquitous sweet running fuel. Salty Vanilla is my favorite!


Jeff Gallup

Although active, Jeff spent most of his life struggling with obesity. Finally, at age 46, he started on the path toward better health with the help of a terrific doctor specializing in Functional Medicine. Jeff has lost over 50 lbs, and has changed his diet significantly (whole, organic, local, non-processed), and discovered a passion for barefoot/minimalist trail running. His goals for 2015 are to continue that journey, as well as to continue to train to run further than he ever has. Jeff completed his first marathon in January 2013 and achieved his goal of a 50K Ultra (2 of them), and his first 50 Miler in 2014. His goal for 2015 is a 100K on his way to a 100 miler!

You can often find Jeff working his way up the famous Manitou Incline, or on a variety of trails in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. Jeff is also an active blogger, and his original intent of blogging was to create a personal journal of his journey to better health. His blog has since grown to be much more than that. He has spent time working towards his goals, and educating himself about barefoot/minimalist running, and healthy eating, and now takes the opportunity to share what he’s learned.

According to Jeff, “I'm certainly not a certified dietitian or coach, but I love hearing from those that have followed me, and how much I've helped or inspired them. I think many folks identify with me because I am not an elite athlete, but instead just a middle-aged, back of the pack runner trying to improve my health and to enjoy life. Just hearing that I've helped someone, somehow, is so rewarding. And, I am so excited to partner with Electro-Bites as an ambassador. Their products are clean, simple, effective, and they taste great! I’m really proud to be an Ambassador for a company I am passionate about.”

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James Richard

James Richard

I served in the United States Marine Corps for 20 years.  I have always tried my best to stay in good shape but it was never easy for me.  I am not a natural athlete.   This year will mark the 10th anniversary of my retirement from the Marine Corps.

In 2012 I discovered Ultra Running.  In the years since I have continued to better my running.  I always seem to be semi sidelined with illness, injury or work.  Once the issue is resolved I get back to training.  My reach out seeds my grasp as I always sign up for races that will be very challenging for me.  I have attempted two hundred mile runs but got injured after 25 miles one year and 45 miles another year.  I have attempted two 50 mile runs and was pulled for my slow time once and I finished the other. 

I am a very slow runner.  When I finished the Traprock 50K in 2013 the only people at the finish line were my wife, RD, A-RD and a few volunteers.  I was so last at the 2016 Runamuck 50K the RD was told the course was clear and there was no one at the finish line.

Since I am a slow runner I am always on the course longer than most.  Nutrition has always been an issue for me also.  I discovered Electro-Bites this year and they have been working great for me.  I am excited for this years events that include three Spartan races, a one hundred mile run, two 24 hour runs, one 100K run and a variety of 50K and below runs.

I compete against no one and try my best.