About Fuel 100

They say necessity is the mother of invention.


Fuel 100 was born from the desire of the company founders to fuel their runs with something other than gels and sweet products. Both are self-described as sugar freaks, yet crave salt while exercising and racing. An ultra-runner for many years, Michelle Halsne was used to ingesting gels and sodium replacement capsules regularly during workouts and races. After a particularly hot and humid training run (and losing a crown to a chewy sports product) she thought there must be an another way to get all the calories and nutrients needed for success. No doubt other endurance athletes crave choices and variety when training and racing for multiple hours.

They simply couldn’t find a product on the market to satisfy their flavor preference, texture and durability requirement. That is until Michelle brought the idea to Andrea Bonaccorsi and they committed to making it happen. From that thought Fuel 100 was born.

Both are experienced endurance athletes and business women, however neither had substantial experience in the food industry. They enlisted the help of experts in the field of food and nutrition science, local food companies, commercial bakers, fortification blenders, and myriad other experts to develop a product that fit their needs. Using their families as their taste testers they produced batch after batch before honing in on the final recipe. One important element was to use all natural ingredients with the highest nutritional value possible.  Although they love the final formulation they plan to continually play with the recipe, working with new flavors, ingredients and nutrients.