Reviews & Feedback

Nervous to take a bite outta something new? Read what people have to say about Fuel 100 Electro-bites.


"They're flavorful, but not overbearing (even the salty vinegar). I REALLY love the flavors I have tried so far, they're easy on my stomach." Audrey Walsh, Trail Runner


"My initial reaction was that the pellets sure look funny, but after I tried them running, I became a huge fan! They give me energy without making me feel jittery or sugary." Sarah Smith, Rower, Trail Runner, Hiker


"The consistency is interesting just because it's so different, I loved the chai flavor. It was honestly a godsend during the heatwave on the East Coast". Lenny Futterman, Elite Sculler

“When you’re trying to squeeze every last drop out of your workout, you need Fuel 100 Electro-Bites.” William Fraser  (Read Billy's Review)

"A fantastic alternative to traditional gels and shot blocks. I can only describe them as bite-sized pieces of salty crumbly cookie dough that are gluten and soy free." TrailChick (Read Chris' Review)


"My friend Kathleen accurately described them as tasting like Teddy Grahams – 'Yes, you’re right!' I exclaimed – and mentioned how they quickly dissolve in your mouth and it’s easy to eat several at once." Cazey Williams (Read Cazey's Review)


"There are times during longer runs where I want absolutely NOTHING to do with sweet gels, chews, or beans, and instead crave chips, crackers, or even pizza.   Except chips, crackers, and pizza are not the easiest thing in the world to carry, and take a little bit more digestive effort.  Electro-Bites give you the satisfaction of eating 'real food', but they are easy to carry, eat, and digest." Heather Hart (Read Heather's Review)

"The salty flavors even among the pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon, are a nice contrast to the usual sweet and fruity. No matter the flavor, the bites dissolve quickly and don’t leave any aftertaste.  Most importantly, they functioned just as effectively as our normal gels on long endurance hikes." Summit Chicks (Read their full review)


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